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President Spreads Festive Cheer with Cheque Presentations

President Spreads Festive Cheer with Cheque Presentations

NASC President Lynn Way ensured Christmas came early for two charities by presenting them with cheques for £25,000.

Mrs Way handed over the sums to The Royal British Legion and Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity on behalf of the NASC and its members last week.

The bulk of the money donated was raised at the NASC Annual Ball & Awards, held at Celtic Manor Resort on Friday 22 November.

Members submitted dozens of bids for a host of auction lots including luxury getaways and sports memorabilia. The fundraising figure was boosted by standalone member donations on the night as well as contributions from the NASC and CISRS, bringing the grand total raised to £50,000.

Mrs Way presented the Royal British Legion with a £25,000 cheque on Thursday 5 December before handing over the same amount to the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity at its Christmas fundraising event the following day.

Amy Llewellyn, Senior Manager – Community Fundraising & Poppy Appeal at The Royal British Legion, said: “The Royal British Legion are delighted to receive this donation from the NASC and would like to thank everyone who donated so generously at the Annual Ball and Awards.

“This donation will enable our welfare teams across the UK to provide practical, financial and mental health support to veterans and to continue our work in remembering those who gave their lives for our freedom.”

Bill Hill, Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity CEO, added: “Our Construction Industry Helpline is now receiving over 250 new cases per month from construction workers and their families in crisis. Last year, 11% of these cases are from roofers and scaffolders.

“We receive no public funding and cannot operate our helpline or deliver our charitable support services without the generosity of organisations such as NASC. We cannot thank you enough for your support and this significant donation.”

NASC President Lynn Way said: “Once again, NASC members dug deep into their pockets to help raise significant sums for two deserving charities. I’d like to thank each and every member that placed a bid during the auction or made a private donation for their generosity.”

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NASC and Simian Answer Former Soldier’s Appeal

NASC and Simian Answer Former Soldier’s Appeal

The NASC and Simian have joined forces to help a former soldier take the next step in his career in the scaffolding industry.

The organisations teamed up after scaffolder Liam Gibbons reached out for assistance via the NASC’s Facebook account.

He wrote: “I read with interest that the NASC is keen to encourage more ex-Forces personnel to take up positions in the scaffolding industry and had launched a fund to help them with training. Just wondered if there was anything you could do for me.

“I left the army two years ago, have been struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and am living in a veterans care home. I became a scaffolder, starting at the bottom and have worked my way up from a labourer to a qualified part one scaffolder.

“My second trainee card is close to expiring so I need to complete the Part 2 scaffolder course as soon as possible. I was wondering if there is any help available towards this next step.”

Liam’s appeal struck a chord with incoming NASC President Lynn Way, who has made greater engagement with the Armed Forces and creating more career opportunities for former military personnel core objectives of her presidency.

As such, the NASC and Simian have agreed to co-fund Liam’s Part 2 and VQ training. He will now complete his Part 2 training at Simian’s Waltham Forest training centre in January 2020.

NASC President Lynn Way said: “I am passionate about helping former Armed Forces servicemen enter the scaffolding industry and then progress through the training stages wherever I can. This is why we decided to help Liam on a strictly one-off basis.

“We’ll soon be in a position to help many more ex-military personnel achieve the same progress as Liam through the NASC’s dedicated £150,000 training pot. We’re also working hard to further strengthen our ties with the Armed Forces, ensuring that current servicemen are aware of the varied scaffolding industry careers that are available to them – many of which complement their skill sets – and can put their repatriation funding allowance towards scaffolding training.

“We hope to have more news on this front in the coming weeks”

Simon Hughes, Managing Director of Simian, added: “Simian are very happy to work with NASC to support Liam’s progress in the sector. We are also fully behind the ex-military initiative and wish NASC the best of luck with this worthy project.”

Through the NASC’s dedicated Armed Forces training pot, NASC members can claim up to £1,000 towards the retraining or upskilling of an ex-forces employee or employees.

This can be to cover the cost or partial cost of one course or several shorter duration courses and can be used in full on one individual or smaller payments on several individuals.

The money will be claimed by the NASC member in the same way as COTS/CPD funding with the member paying for the training then forwarding proof of training, CISRS card details (or copies of Certificates for non CISRS training) plus proof of payment.

Eligible candidates can either be in the process of leaving the Armed Forces or could have left in the past five years.

They can already be in the employ of an NASC member and be looking for funding for upskilling (Part2, Skills Test, Advanced, Inspection Supervisors, Design etc) alternatively they could have had other employment and are now looking to retrain to get into the scaffolding sector.

All CISRS courses are eligible. Application for non CISRS courses that are still relevant and have currency in the scaffolding sector e.g. IOSH, NEBOSH, first aid, SSSTS/SMSTS, estimating, design, HGV and so on would also be considered.

Applications are welcome for training undertaken on the date of the NASC AGM – Friday 22 November – onwards. For more information click here.

Last month, the NASC signed the Armed Forces Covenant, making a formal commitment to promote career and training opportunities in the scaffolding industry to ex-military personnel.

The NASC has also been developing relationships with various charitable partners linked with the Ministry of Defence, including Buildforce UK, After the Military and the Careers Transition Partnership.

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Who Dares Wins Star Serves as NASC AGM Guest Speaker

Who Dares Wins Star Serves as NASC AGM Guest Speaker

Former UK Special Forces soldier and Directing Staff on Channel 4’s Who Dares Wins series Ollie Ollerton served as guest speaker at the NASC AGM 2019.

Ollie spoke passionately about his time in the Armed Forces, transitioning from army life into civvy street, overcoming personal mental health battles and how these experiences combined to motivate him to help former servicemen going through a similar journey acclimatise to life after the Forces.

His presentation was well received by the 170+ delegates, many of whom have been overwhelmingly supportive of NASC efforts to increase mental health and wellness provision in the scaffolding industry and engage more closely with the Armed Forces.

Robin James, NASC Managing Director, said: “It was fantastic to welcome Ollie Ollerton to this year’s AGM. Ollie was able to speak first-hand about mental health and connecting with former servicemen, core objectives of the outgoing and incoming NASC Presidents, respectively.

“It was clear that Ollie’s presentation was incredibly well received by delegates, evidenced by their unwavering attention throughout and number of questions asked during the Q&A session immediately after.

“Ollie’s new venture, BreakPoint, helps former Armed Forces personnel take up roles in the construction industry. We believe there’s a great deal of crossover here with NASC efforts in providing careers to the same target audience and so we’ll be looking to see if we can work closely with Ollie and BreakPoint in the future.”

The AGM also saw Rhaynukaa Soni, IOSH London Metropolitan Branch Chair and HS2 Health & Safety Manager, provide an overview of shortlisted entries for the NASC Awards and recognition given to Rick Statham, Joint Managing Director of Safety & Access, for 25 years’ service on the NASC Health & Safety Committee.

Thomas Kington of Bryson Scaffolding was also presented with a trophy for winning the inaugural NASC Open nine-hole golf tournament, held on the Montgomerie Course on the morning of the AGM.

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Key Achievements Highlighted at NASC AGM

Key Achievements Highlighted at NASC AGM

NASC Managing Director Robin James gave a brief overview of the NASC’s standout achievements in the past 12 months at the NASC AGM.

Speaking at the afternoon event, held at Celtic Manor Resort, he said: “It’s been a very busy year for the confederation. Incoming President Lynn Way recently signed the Armed Forces Covenant on behalf of the NASC, part of wider efforts to engage more regularly with ex-forces personnel.

“We’ve enjoyed a productive partnership with the Temporary Works Forum, which has enabled us to stage two excellent and well-attended seminars in Birmingham and Bristol in 2019. Similar events will be arranged across the UK in 2020.

“The NASC Current Affairs Committee has continued to make its mark in 2019. Mental health, careers in scaffolding, and recruitments have all fallen under its remit this year.

“The appointment of Henry Annafi as NASC Training Officer in March 2019 has enabled the confederation to be more visible at industry recruitment fairs, including a very successful presence at Skills London, using 260 degree virtual reality equipment and construction toys to get young people, and their parents and teachers, enthused about scaffolding as a career choice.

“Finally, I’d like to recognise the continued expansion of CISRS into different parts of the globe. This is having a positive effect on the reach of the NASC, and is resulting in a growing number of applications for International NASC Information membership.”

Mr James also paid tribute to outgoing NASC President, TRAD UK CEO Des Moore, and welcomed his successor, Lynn Way, Company Secretary and Finance Director of Chris Sedgeman Scaffolding Ltd.

“During his presidency, Des Moore sought to make the organisation truly representative of all of its members, no matter how large or small. Mentoring, diversity, wellbeing and mental health are all topics which affect our members.

“All have been the subject of presentations and/or discussions at NASC regional meetings during the last two years. A particularly visible legacy of Des Moore’s Presidency will be the improvements to the format of the AGM and Annual Ball.

“This event has been greatly enhanced by the incorporation of the NASC Awards, which have grown beyond recognition in the space of just two or three years, effectively becoming the awards event for the industry.

“I’d like to thank Des Moore for all that he has done for the confederation during his time as president. Lynn Way becomes the first female president and I have no doubt she will be the first of many in the years to come.

“Congratulations Lynn, we extend a very warm welcome to you, and we look forward to working with you during your presidency.”

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Changing of the Guard at NASC AGM

Changing of the Guard at NASC AGM

Incoming NASC President Lynn Way outlined the main objectives of her Presidency at the NASC AGM at Celtic Manor Resort, Newport, on Friday 22 November.

Mrs Way, Company Secretary and Finance Director of Chris Sedgemen Scaffolding Ltd, said she was keen to build upon the work of her predecessors, further growing the NASC’s profile both domestically and abroad.

Following a brief inauguration ceremony in which she received the official NASC Presidential chain of office from the outgoing president, TRAD UK CEO Des Moore, Mrs Way said: “Every President has their own objectives that they feel will help the industry.

“I would like to progress the objectives of the previous presidents; continuing to encourage women into senior positions in the industry and the NASC, help with mental health issues and expand the NASC nationally as well as internationally.

“My main new objective is to have the scaffolding sector recognised as an industry open to ex-military personnel for repatriation to civilian life. We have been developing relationships with various charitable partners linked with the Ministry of Defence, including Buildforce UK, After the Military and the Careers Transition Partnership.

“The NASC has also recently signed the Armed Forces Covenant. This demonstrates the commitment that the NASC has to supporting the armed forces.

“My second objective is to encourage the employment of former servicemen by NASC members and to this end the NASC has created a £150,000 fund dedicated to the training of ex-Forces personnel.”

During her speech, Mrs Way also unveiled plans to focus on recruitment, increase mental health training – supported by the creation of a new dedicated funding pot open to all NASC members – and broaden the NASC’s digital offering, including the launch of a new careers website.

Outgoing president Des Moore said he was satisfied that he has made headway on his four pledges and called for members to rally together in the face of continued uncertainty around Brexit and the General Election.

“I’d really like to see a continued effort from all members to work together,” he said. “There is still work to do in improving the perception of the NASC across the industry. There is a huge opportunity here for us all – whatever size your business.

“The NASC is here for every single member – whether you are a big multi-disciplinary firm or an SME. Instead of viewing each other as competitors, we should be more collaborative – working together for the good of the industry in general. That is what the NASC is for and I would urge you to take a step back, think about the wider issues and support the work of this organisation wherever and however you can.

“Finally, I want to say that being your President has been an incredible experience in many ways. One of the very best things about my time here has been the people and the support I’ve had from the NASC team, and from some members who are also my major competitors.

“Thank you all for your support and help along the way. I know you will do the same for Lynn as she takes on the President’s role, and I look forward to being part of the NASC – as an engaged and collaborative member and backbencher – in the years to come.”

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Scaffolding Industry Showcased at Skills London Careers Event

Scaffolding Industry Showcased at Skills London Careers Event

Hundreds of youngsters were given a taste of the various highly-skilled and highly-paid careers open to them in the scaffolding industry at the Skills London event last week.

Visitors flocked to the NASC and CISRS stand throughout the two-day show, the UK’s largest jobs and careers event, held at ExCel in London.

They were greeted by a mix of NASC staff and members as well as CISRS staff and training providers, ensuring that a range of scaffolding experts were on hand to showcase the multitude of roles available within the industry; including scaffolding operatives, designers, engineers, hire, sales and manufacturers and health and safety experts.

No other stand at the event had as much cross sector representation as the NASC and CISRS scaffolding stand.

Sean Pike, Layher (Ltd) UK Managing Director, said: “Over the years we have taken part in many events and expos around the world. Skills London really stood out.

“The NASC/CISRS stand proved to be very popular. I was overwhelmed by the multitude of young people, parents, schools and college representatives – all of whom had not previously realised the wide range of careers within the scaffolding sector.

“Without doubt, it helped having people on hand who could relay their actual experiences and their route into our industry. I had a very interesting conversation with a young person looking to get into a career in sales.

“He asked a lot of very pertinent questions and had obviously looked into the subject – and for sure, had he not visited the stand he would not have associated a career in sales with the scaffolding / construction industry.”

Terry Roberts of CADS, who has been pivotal in the development of TG20 one of the most important technical guidance documents within the industry in recent years, talked people through the basics of the TG20 compliance and CADS smart scaffolder software as well as some of their other computer aided design (CAD) packages.

Ben Ramsey and Dion Scott of QFS Scaffolding Ltd spoke to a great number of visitors about the opportunities to progress your career once you enter into the world of scaffolding. Both having come up through the ranks, having initially worked on the tools now hold the roles of Contracts Director and Asbestos Manager respectively at a thriving scaffolding contracts company.

K’nex building materials were available for NASC and CISRS staff to work with those visiting the event and show the principles of how to build a tower, the importance of a drawing, a method statement/erection procedure and the requirement for bracing in order to provide stability.

Luckily for those who were looking to get onto the scaffolding apprenticeship programme, Tahnee O’Donnell of Simian Skill was in attendance and ready to sign up those who were looking to get started on their scaffolding career straight away.

One of the biggest draws over the two days was the virtual reality experiences which were available on the NASC stand.

NASC has recently invested in a film and supporting headsets and equipment which allows the user to experience the views from and what it is like to be on a working scaffold.

Aleena Wright, Design Engineer with Layher, was also on hand to provide a virtual walk through some of their design procedures and projects that they have used to support their customers when erecting more complex structures.

Dave Mosley, NASC Director of Training and CISRS Managing Director, said: “Everyone really enjoyed the VR, we had queues of visitors wanting to give it a try. It pulled a lot of people in and hopefully speaking to our colleagues on the stand made them appreciate that the scaffolding industry has a lot more to offer than they might have imagined.

“The staff and volunteers were brilliant; they never stopped over the two days and really did the sector proud.

“2020 is all about engagement, recruitment and promotion of scaffolding as a career for NASC. Events such as this provide essential contact with interested individuals and organisations alike, many of whom requested we attend their careers events and showcases in the future.

“We aim to attend as many as we can whilst also hosting our own showcase events around the UK.”

Skills London 2019, aimed at 15-24-year olds, welcomed more than 30,000 visitors and featured around 200 exhibitors including employers, universities, colleges and training providers.

This two day event provides visitors with the opportunity to discover careers through interactive, inspirational activities and demonstrations, and helps young people visually bridge the gap between what they enjoy doing and what they could potentially do as a career.

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Subsidised CPD Courses this Christmas

Subsidised CPD Courses this Christmas

The Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS) is running a number of subsidised CPD courses across the UK this December.

CISRS working in partnership with several of the approved training providers will deliver the 2 Day CPD course for £50 per delegate. CISRS will also waive the usual associated costs of training folders and card application fees for these delegates.

CISRS is a not for profit organisation and is committed to redistributing funds back into the industry. Success with the CISRS OSTS (Overseas) Scheme has allowed CISRS to fund two programmes of this subsidised training across the UK in 2019. Around 275 Scaffolders will have benefitted from this reduced rate training, renewing their CISRS cards through CPD and keeping up with industry best practice for only £50.

CISRS is hoping to offer more in the way of subsidised training in 2020. The subsidised CPD courses will be held at the following centres next month:

  • AIS (Aberdeen)
    • Tel: 0844 8001810 Email:
  • Altrad/Generation (Wakefield)
    • Tel: 0800 5875224
    • Email:
  • LTC Training Services (Cullompton)
    • Tel: 01884 664224 Email:
  • NETA (Stockton)
    • Tel: 01642 616936
    • Email:
  • Safety and Access (Nottingham)
    • Tel: 0115 9794523 Email:
  • Safety and Access (London)
    • Tel: 0115 9794523
    • Email:
  • Training 2000 (Blackburn)
    • Tel: 01254 54659
    • Email:

CISRS would like to thank these participating training providers for their support. To find out more and take advantage of this offer please contact the training providers directly.

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CISRS Expands Into Caribbean

CISRS Expands Into Caribbean

CISRS training is now available in the Caribbean thanks to a new partnership between Scaffolding Manufacturers Trinidad LTD (SMTL) and Simian Skill.

Level 1, Level 2, Basic Inspection and Scaffolding Supervisor courses will soon be available at STML’s purpose-built training centre in Point Lisas, Trinidad, following a successful CISRS Overseas Scaffolders Training Scheme (OSTS) audit earlier this month.

Philip Archie, Managing Director at SMTL, said: “As we continue making mammoth strides, we are proud to announce this partnership with Simian Skill, through which we can offer CISRS scaffold training in Trinidad, setting the pace for the transformation of the scaffolding industry in the Americas.”

Ian Fyall, Managing Partner at Simian Skill, said: “We are pleased to open our ninth overseas CISRS partner centre, this time with SMTL, one of the most established scaffold companies in Trinidad. This goes to show the CISRS scheme has no boundaries with Simian having centres in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and now the Americas.

“This centre is finished to a very high standard, with excellent space for training delivery and first rate practical and classroom areas. All scaffolding materials, PPE etc are brand new and meet the required BS/EN standards. We cannot wait to get the training underway.”

Whilst in Trinidad, David Mosley, CISRS Scheme Manager, and Ian Fyall were invited to give a presentation on the CISRS scheme to the health and safety department of Atlantic LNG, one of the world’s largest producers of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) with an established reputation as a safe and reliable operator.

The pair were also invited to take part in one of the twice daily health and safety site walk rounds with the health and safety department and contractors, which aim to highlight not only any potential issues which could occur but recognise and praise the safe practices of those working on the site.

David Mosley said: “We would like to thank Atlantic LNG for inviting us to the site at Port Fortin, these sorts of visits are invaluable for gaining an insight to Scaffolding practices in a region. Congratulations to SMTL and Simian. They have done a great job with the centre.

“We hope both clients and contractors will support them with their aim to establish recognised scaffold training qualifications in the Caribbean and wish them every success for the future.”

SMTL is one of the largest scaffolding companies in the Caribbean, with more than 45 years of service in the industry.  SMTL continues to strive for excellence by providing every customer and stakeholder with the highest quality of service and putting safety first at all times.

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NASC Launches Yearbook 2020

NASC Launches 2020 Yearbook

The NASC has launched its 2020 Yearbook – showcasing more confederation news and updates than ever before.

The Yearbook features a round-up of NASC standing committee outputs, more than 30 pages of NASC Awards submissions and a comprehensive listing of full contracting NASC members.

Robin James, NASC Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to launch the NASC Yearbook, which is this year more keenly targeted at key decision makers in the construction supply chain, with editorial focused on raising awareness and understanding of what the NASC does, examples of the expertise and innovation shown by our members and why all this matters to the wider construction industry.

“I’d like to thank all those members that submitted copy for inclusion – showcased on the Project of the Year pages – and also those that took advertising spaces.”

In addition to the 96 page printed version, an e-reader version of the NASC 2020 Yearbook is available to view here and via the NASC website About page.

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NASC Signs Armed Forces Covenant

NASC Signs Armed Forces Covenant

The NASC has further strengthened its connection with the military by signing the Armed Forces Covenant.

By signing the Covenant, the NASC has made a formal commitment to promote career and training opportunities in the scaffolding industry to ex-military personnel.

This cements an existing NASC objective to engage more regularly with the Armed Forces and the creation of a £150,000 funding pot dedicated to the training of ex-services personnel.

NASC Vice President Lynn Way said: “We are proud to have signed the Armed Forces Covenant, making our commitment to encouraging Armed Forces personnel into taking up roles within the scaffolding industry official.

“In the past year we have begun promoting the variety of highly-skilled, well-paid and rewarding careers available in our industry to the Armed Forces community and have outlined plans to increase these efforts in the coming years.

“We recognise the skill sets of ex-servicemen and women, which is why we’ve created a funding pot to provide an extra incentive to consider a career in scaffolding. We believe this pot will help them transition as seamlessly as possible from the Forces to the scaffolding industry, providing many individuals with a long-term career and the UK scaffolding industry with the workforce it needs to continue to thrive.”