SG4:YOU now available

SG4:YOU, the user guide to accompany the recently reissued SG4:10 (Preventing Falls in Scaffolding) is now available to purchase from the NASC. The user guide is a pocket sized booklet designed to be an aide memoir for site worker involved with scaffolding.  

Please be aware that demand for the new SG4:YOU has been high so to ensure the earliest delivery please advise the NASC of your order requirements as soon as possible.


Other information on SG4:10


Free Video Toolbox Talk

To view a short video presentation on SG4:10 please click here

The video is approximately 10 minutes long and is also supported by an online test facility to allow the user to validate their understanding of the topic watched.




SG4:10 Management Guide and Overview

To understand more on the impact this new guidance will have on all scaffolding in the UK, what the changes will be and how the HSE are supporting this guidance please click here




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SG4:YOU now available to accompany the recently updated SG4:10