Collective Protection Guidance Update

"Falls still account for the majority of fatal and serious construction accidents. HSE wholeheartedly supports the development of this practical advice to help scaffolders understand the precautions which can and should be taken."
Joy Jones,HSE Principal Inspector National Construction Sector Safety Team

In the 3 year period that has followed the introduction of the latest version of SG4 (SG4:05) collective protection measures have developed considerably in terms of technology, choice, availability, cost, and probably most importantly, have become more user friendly. As the scaffolding industry’s recognised trade association with an ethos of promoting ‘best practice’, the NASC felt it was necessary to release interim guidance (ahead of the planned revision of SG4 in 2010) highlighting the availability and the benefits that can be derived when utilising collective protection measures by its members and the wider industry.

SG4:05 Appendix A Interim Guidance on Collective Fall Prevention Systems in Scaffolding

This advice and guidance is intended to provide an overview of new and developing technology and work methods available within the scaffolding industry, and to ensure that a balanced view of all collective fall prevention methods are considered ahead of sole reliance upon personal fall arrest methods.

This interim advisory note has been prepared following the statement from HSE that the aspects of “traversing” or “tunnelling” contained within NASC guidance are no longer acceptable and that their withdrawal from industry guidance will be requested at the next update. The NASC are planning to issue a fully revised version of the guidance within 2010. This guidance has been produced with the assistance and input of NASC members and the Health and Safety Executive.

It is the view of the NASC that scaffolders will be required to wear suitable fall arrest equipment at all times whilst working because of the tasks associated with moving working platforms, undertaking alterations and performing non standard tasks such as fitting ladder/unit beams etc.

The NASC will not be charging for copies of the interim guidance, complimentary copies of which will be enclosed with all orders for SG4:05, SG4:You, and theSG4 Training DVD (1 copy of the interim guidance per order).

To download a PDF copy of the Interim guidance note click here (900kb)

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